“He who has learning without imagination has feet but no wings.”
Stanley Goldstein

About Us

The Earth, Air, & Space Educational Foundation honors a birthplace of Silicon Valley, the US Naval Air Station Sunnyvale National Historic District and NASA Ames Research Center. We were founded with the vision to restore our past and incubate a new, more vibrant future for our community, humanity and our planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite the passion for learning, discovery, creativity, and innovation in people of all ages. We will advance and shape thinkers through meaningful Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Mathematics hands-on learning. Simply, our mission is to advance the ability of the next generations to change the world as we did through a new Earth, Air, & Space Collaboratory.

Get Involved

Our service to the community is made possible through the generosity of individuals and organizations that believe the future matters—now more than ever.